Thursday, May 15, 2014


I've written a feature on horsehair bracelets that I planned to post yesterday, but due to multiple technical problems; i.e., a computer Charlie Foxtrot, I didn't get that sorted out with pictures and all--the details are tedious so I'll spare you. You can look forward to horsehair bracelets (if such a thing floats your boat) in the near future. Perhaps.

Today I'll post a few owl-themed works I've created over the past few years. Owls seem to have enjoyed quite a bit of popularity in the craft scene--I think owls may be on the way out, as elephants were a few years ago. What is the next hot animal trend? I've seen quite a few sloth and hedgehog memes--a little more outre´, perhaps. Cats are always popular, have been and will be--but I don't need to dedicate a particular post to them.

Today's color link:


Jan said...

Cute owls but when are we going to see the horse hair bracelet feature???;-)

Rohini Sharma said...

Nice one!
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